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Home-Based Services: self directed assistance (SDA)

Our SDA’s assist families receiving the Home Based Support Services Medicaid Waiver Funding. Our experienced staff, certified as a Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional, collaborate with you to maximize the utilization of your funding. We take out the guessing and confusion and help to make the process smooth to best use the funds to fit your needs. Our commitment is to provide a concierge-approach and the highest quality of service for our clients.

Highlights of our SDA Services:

  • Navigate the funding and Medicaid Waiver

  • Great relationships with other provider agencies, resources, etc.

  • Knowledge of and access to additional funding sources

  • Personal guidance on utilization of funds and monthly budget updates

  • We offer both Family Model and Agency Model PSW Services. We also offer a hybrid of both options.

  • Facilitate Communication among providers, ISC’s, schools, etc.

  • Assistance with Medicaid, Annual Redeterminations, Spenddowns, etc

  • Future Planning

In Home Support SErvices (PSW)

We provide One-on-one services by a Personal Support Worker who is trained as a Direct Support Professional in home and community.

 Highlights of our PSW Services:

  • Our PSW’s go through 123 hours of classroom and ‘On the Job’ training

  • Our PSW’s have passed background checks and CPR & First Aid training

  • We identify a great match either through our current pool of PSW’s or we recruit for someone specific to your needs.

  • You meet with the PSW prior to their being assigned to the case to ensure it’s a fit for all.

  • Our PSW’s are trained specifically on the client prior to starting

  • Ongoing schedule is based on your requests and availability.

  • Significant supervision, oversight, and coaching is set up within our agency

  • Communication among the team is open and often

  • Our PSW’s can provide transportation during the shift

  • We also have a “Lead PSW’ position who are individuals with additional behavior training and experience and work with our clients who require this level of assistance. See below, Behavior Support Services, for more information.

BEhavior SUPPORT services (BSS)

Our in-home behavior support services are provided by a Behavior Support Specialist. Each client utilizing this service has a Behavior Support Plan or Skill Acquisition Plan. Goals and implementations are developed by the team including the family and individual. Ongoing assessments, data and updates to the plan occur regularly.

 Highlights of our Behavior Support Services:

  • Flexible use of the involvement of the BSS

  • Parent Training Program

  • Overlaps with PSW for oversight, supervision and training

  • A ‘Lead PSW’ is something who works under the Behavior Support Specialist. An individual in this position has significant additional training and experience related to behavior.

  • The Behavior Support Specialist and Lead PSW are an ongoing support system for behavior reduction and skill development.

  • Goal is to increase independence and assist in achieving goals!


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